To save time and money, automate your security and development processes. We have experience establishing a thriving DevSecOps culture and are experts in automated scanning, CI/CD pipeline creation, Infrastructure as Code, cloud deployment, SAST/DAST integration, and infrastructure as code.

The Protocols We Specialize In Are:

  • NodeOps
  • Kubernetes and Docker
  • Access and Identity
  • Secure Code Scanning
  • Dependency Checks

Technical Interview & Information Gathering

  • Full Structural Review
  • Security and Design Analysis
  • Automation Analysis


  • Client Reviews Report
  • Client Submits Questions
  • Client Applies Fixes

Devops Secops Practices

  • Automated Scanning
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment Pipeline
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • SAST/DAST Integration
  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Security Key Management
  • Kubernetes (K8s) Deployment